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The Stranger


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“The Stranger” is the perfect marriage of plot and possibility. This is more than a culmination of what has been done before – it is a sea change.”

— David Regal

“A revolutionary magic utility for the modern world!”

Michael Carbonaro

“A perfect trick that I pull out when

I want to send them over the edge!”

Paul Gertner

“It f*%#ing crushed! One guy jumped out of his seat and ran out of the theater!”

Larry Wilmore

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Welcome to my store Welcome to my store, comprised of magic I have spent a great de...
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  • — Creator of 'The Stranger'
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just performed this for the first time at a seminar in New York. It was a fantastic response. They are all still talking about it! It will remain a part of that seminar script forever in each location. Thanks for a great bit!” Scott McFall | “The Stranger” User

“Jonathan, thank you SO much for this brilliant tool. It will have a HUGE impact on the work I do …. GENIUS!!” Ken Newman | “The Stranger” User

“This is just outstanding! Easily one of the best things to come out in a very long time. Thank you Jonathan Levit! I love it.” Scott Bays | “The Stranger” User

One of the best releases in magic! Apple app store review (5 Stars)

“I worked a party in LA and The Stranger killed! Everybody was talking about it, and, by the end of the night, I booked more gigs and the venue even offered me my own night!” Matt Bruce | “The Stranger” User

Incredible!!! There are many many apps out there for magicians. But this is so good and well thought out, you’re crazy for not purchasing this. Unlike anything that has been offered before. Such a cooler. You can close your show with this. It’s that good. Apple app store review (5 Stars)

“Holy shit I love this app! Just outstanding! Ethan Nessen | “The Stranger” User

Surpassed expectations. “This would end up being another app that would just stay on my phone and never be used, but The Stranger is exactly the opposite. This should be way more $ than it is- this is truly a steal. Myself and my audiences thank you, Jonathan!” Apple app store review (5 Stars)

Brain frying magic. Easy to do, huge impact. “The effect itself seems impossible to the spectators but is incredibly easy to do.  It can be done with literally no sleight of hand but the impact is still huge.  It is so simple that your focus will be 100% on the performance.  If you like knuckle busting sleight of hand, this is not for you.  If you like completely frying peoples brains with an impossible mentalist effect, this is for you.

The trick is exactly as Jonathan performs it in his trailers and as it is described in the Apple store. If you like what you have seen in the performance videos, then you will love this trick. Plus, it plays huge. You can do it for a few people, but it would work just as well for a an entire auditorium. 

I have to admit that I am surprised he released this to the magic community and didn’t keep it to himself. This is a reputation maker and a truly professional level piece of magic.  Congratulations and Thanks to Jonathan Levit for sharing his magic genius with all of us.” Apple app store review (5 Stars)

“I think this app seems like an evolutionary game changer. Congrats to Jonathan Levit.” Brett Barry | Creator of the SvenPad and “The Stranger” User

“So… I just returned from my weekly residency performance at The Mohegan Sun Casino in CT where I performed for the first time, The Stranger. Immediately after my set the club management came RUNNING UP TO ME to say they thought that was the best trick I’ve done during my two years performing on a weekly basis!! LOVE THIS TRICK!” Jim Spinnato | “The Stranger” User

A work of absolute genius. The effect is mind-blowing—talk about “pure astonishment”!!—and the method is completely brilliant. The whole thing is perfectly thought out, from top to bottom. Brilliant, awesome, thank you for putting this thing of beauty into the world!” Ezra T.  | “The Stranger” User

“I have been in magic since I was 9 and can’t remember the last time I was this excited about a new effect!” Dick Van Buskirk | “The Stranger” User

Again – what you created is so well conceived, so diabolically effective and so well executed you should get an Academy Award or something!  WOW what a well thought out trick, great teaching, great data and superb recordings and execution.  I never get blown away any more.  I managed cruise ship entertainment for a decade for Regency Cruises and Princess.  Managed the Magic Corner in Hollywood.  I’ve just seen it all.  This is the top effect of the year and way too hidden!  You need the cover of Genii!  It’s that good! Jonathan Todd | “The Stranger” User

“The Stranger” is BRILLIANT!! “I can’t say enough about this App. The description of it sounded amazing. And now that I have it, and have used it … ‘amazing’ is a monumental understatement. 

This is an absolutely inspired creation. Practical, intuitive, and absolutely mind blowing.”Apple app store review (5 Stars)

Wow! “The effect is amazing, the interface is simple, intuitive and elegant. The instructions are incredibly well-written and easy to understand. I wish all magic apps were this good.” Apple app store review (5 Stars)

Unbelievable reactions! “Its difficult to explain how much this effect resonates with people. This taps into something that is exciting AND impossible. The spectator can even do all of the talking, further eliminating any method they could ever hope to grasp. When the card is finally revealed there is this beautiful and pure moment of astonishment that all of us as magicians ever hope to achieve.” Apple app store review (5 Stars)

Why "The Stranger?"


Whether you are with one person, strolling, or on stage for a large audience, “The Stranger” will get a great reaction! I’m not kidding. I’ve done this in every one of these situations and it is easily the best response in the show.


Audience members call out numbers to construct a truly random phone number. The phone can be in the spectator’s hand and they can press the numbers and place the call themselves.


Learn how to first call a disconnected number or a voicemail, or both, before connecting to The Stranger. These convincers dispel any thought that the routine has been pre-arranged.


That’s right. ANY card can be named and The Stranger on the other end of the call will know the card!


The trouble with most phone magic tricks is they feel like you are using technology. “The Stranger” is completely organic. You are truly dialing a random phone number and having a conversation with someone on the other end of the call.


Call a real person and communicate the card to them with absolutely no forcing and no verbal coding!

Note: This feature requires a monthly subscription, available as an in-app purchase.


Using Wi-Fi Calling, even with no cell reception, your call can be placed to ANYONE on an iPhone OR Android, and the chosen card can be communicated (with no coding or forcing) with no cell reception, even in airplane mode!


There is nothing to prepare. The performance is exactly as you see in the video above. A card is selected or named, a random phone number is dialed and after a conversation with The Stranger, they reveal the card!


Learn the secret and start dialing. Careful thought has been put into the routining to make this bullet proof and easy to perform.


Rehearse performance and timing easily and choose from a variety of options that allow you to perform this immediately, or rehearse more advanced scenarios for an even greater impact.


Choose from different performance possibilities to give you a SOLID performance, from 1 to 10 minutes in length. Perfect for the emcee, or, heck, anyone performing magic, in any venue, on any stage or situation.

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