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Ghost Case Premium V4

In stock

Automatic opening case!

The Ghost Case Premium-SMOKE comes with:

  • The leather-look case with padded inside with the in-built open/close module
  • Clear instructions
  • Remote Controle (+/- 12-15 meters)
  • Rechargeable 6V battery pack
  • Charge cable (USB)
  • The complete Smoke Poodle System with connection in the ghost case to control it by the ghost case

The Soke Poodle is small, fits everywhere in the box with the provided clip. The Smoke Poodle produces lots of smoke and has a big capacity for a long time using smoke. (250  smoke puffs per smoke reservoir and more than 100 times on one battery)

  • integrated Smoke Poodle System
  • separate USB charge cable for the Smoke Poodle
  • bottles of smoke liquid
  • extra coil-reservoir, clip, tube, and velcro bracelet to use the Smoke Poodle separately in your sleeve.
  • luxurious Smoke Poodle storage bag
  • 1 years warranty
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This beautiful and strong case is the perfect magic item for all magicians and presenters. The case opens and closes itself.

It gives endless possibilities:

  • The magician snaps his fingers and the case opens. The magician gets his item, snaps again and the case closes.
  • Ventriloquists can use the case to open itself as if the puppet tries to open and close it.
  • Presenters can let the case open to show the present that is won
  • The presentation of a new product
  • The key can be revealed for the opening of a building.
  • Or an original way to present the wedding rings
  • Pirate show, fairytales, story magic
  • end so on…

The Ghost Case PREMIUM V4-SMOKE had a lot of possibilities:

  • opens/ closes quickly on the command of the Remote Control
  • opens/ closes slowly on the command of the Remote Control
  • Special smart slow speed, that gives a more natural way of  movement (from slow accelerating while opening/ closing)
  • can open/ close till any angle, and then continue or return on your command. So for example: can be halfway open and then close
  • can open/ close after 5 seconds delay
  • Energy safe mode. After 60 minutes without use, it sets itself off to save the battery
  • When it opens slowly smoke comes out of the case
  • The moke module can simply be plugged in in the open/close module to combine smoke with your case.
  • Slowly opening is combined with smoke. Unless you switch the smoke off or disconnect the device.
  • A long press on the RC button serves you with a puff of smoke from the case

The system is turned ON by a button inside the box. So nothing to see on the outside, and no accidentally turning it on. The device is switched OFF with the Remote Control or with the energy saver mode after 60 minutes without use.

The smoke module consists of the Brevis Magic Smoke Poodle, which can be connected to the ghost case. The Smoke Poodle can also be used separately.

When the power is off, the case can be opened and closed manually.

The Ghost Case PREMIUM V4-SMOKE comes with:

  • the leather-look case with padded inside with the in-built open/close module
  • clear instructions
  • Remote Controle (+/- 12-15 meters)
  • rechargeable 6V battery pack & Charge cable (USB)
  • The complete Brevis Magic Smoke Poodle to be connected to the control socket of the Ghost case
  • 2 years warranty

The case is beautiful and strong. Good quality. The case can be used faced to the audience or faced the magician. Ideal in combination with the Flying Mask or Flying Skull.

Technical details

Size: 46x31x17 cm Max. sound is 55 dB at 1 m, cf normal speaking is 77 dB Battery pack for the case can open/ close the case more than 200 times, Charge time: 3 hours (USB) Extra battery packs available in the store


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The Netherlands

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