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Alexander Marsh
HELLO Welcome weary internet traveler to the interweb home of Alexander Marsh's Mentalism.  Who is Alexander Marsh?  Well he is the pen-name and alter-ego of  this guy  and he'd prefer it if you referred to him as Alexander Marsh online, or just Alex is fine too. He thank's you for your understanding.  Under his pen-name he has written and contributed to several mentalism books including works by Jerome Finley and Banachek, he has also lectured at MINDS, Psycrets: The British Society of Mystery Entertainers, and The Magic Circle.
Boris Wild
Boris Wild is one of the most renowned French magicians in the world. He is an international performer, author, creator and lecturer. His performances have drawn thousands of spectators all over the world: London, New York, Las Vegas, Sydney, Moscow, Cape Town, Shanghai, Tokyo... His creativity and original approach of magic allow him to perform in the most prestigious venues such as the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood where he has already performed several hundred shows. Boris has even been chosen as the official magician of the World Economic Forum Gala, that hosts the most influential people of the planet. Boris is a Grand Prix Winner at the FFAP French Championships of Magic, a Monte Carlo Magic Stars Award Winner and a FISM Winner at the World Championships of Magic. He has appeared on many international TV shows such as  Penn & Teller: Fool Us  (he fooled Penn & Teller),  Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde  (five appearances),  Champions of Magic... More
Cobra Magic
This is Cobra Magic Liron Levy Partner / Costumer service Yaniv Levy Owner / Main engineer   COBRA  MAGIC Our goal  is to think of new ideas and bring them to life as an amazing product in high quality and with excellent customer service.   We understand the need & importance of reliability when you are on stage and the spot is on you,  We started  with our first product- the SUPER CHAIR in 2007.  We created "CobraMagic" at 2011 and we are proud to be part of world name magicians who use and love our magic. we promise  to be there for you with our best technology and art.  We want to make your show better and together we can. Articles about us: Matan Rosenberg Presenter More
Copeland Coins
Copeland Coins is the online store front for magical creator Jeff Copeland, founded Memorial Day, Two Thousand and Seventeen. It was created for anyone to learn coin magic. An award-winning professional magician, Copeland turned his childhood hobby of sleight of hand magic into a professional career in 2003. Since then, he has been entertaining audiences around the world, specializing in sleight of hand manipulation of coins. In 2016, Copeland released two best selling products, Traveler & Blackbird, that boosted his popularity as a known magician in the teaching community. Unlike many new releases in the crowded, digitally taught magic world that quickly disappear after a couple of weeks, both of Copeland's first products have grown in sales since release. Blackbird continues to inspire cleaner magic and Traveler is being called a "Modern Classic." Trésor, released with the store's opening, is Copeland's first self-published release featuring  DAVE . The user reviews say it all. In 2018, Corner... More
David Jonathan
Renowned for his creativity, David Jonathan has built a reputation for consistently releasing strong, practical effects with very clever methods. His effects consistently receive critical acclaim fand can be found in the repertoires of countless working professionals across the globe. You will not find any pipe dreams here, just workable effects with streamlined methods that have been tried and tested for real audiences.  If you have any specific questions about any of the effects, please feel free to reach out. What Is The Difference Between an Instant Download and a Physical Item? Physical Items are shippable products that will be sent to your address and contain the necessary gimmicks or materials to perform the effect.  Instant Downloads are PDFs or videos (as specified on the product page) that will be automatically sent to your email to download immediately after purchase.  What Is Your Shipping Policy? For physical items, you will receive an email with a shipping... More
IDEAA  is the name of the company and the initials mean " I nvestigation and  D evelopment of  E lectronics for  A rtistic  A pplications". It was founded in 2009 by  Martin Andersen  and created to offer artistic ideas, advising, and design and building of "devices" for certain purposes. We usually build electronic devices. For this, we offer creativity and advice on technology to create these apparatus. In the beginning, we used to develop our projects in a house. Nowadays, we have our own research laboratory (with 100m2) where we design our new projects. This lab is located in a known industrial and business area. We have cutting-edge tools and equipment that allow us to design in a few steps. With our computers, we can process and design a concept in a precise way. With these skills and high-quality materials, we can build professional stuff. We even sell products per unit and wholesale. The company has helped out artists, architects, advertising agents, and even vets. Our electronic designs... More
Igor Kort
Brevis Magic makes creative and new magic. We constantly think about new ideas and how we can work them out into good and practical illusions. And even after introducing it we evaluate and keep on improving the finest details. Our inventions are being used by magicians and illusionists all over the world. In 2010 the Dutch National Magic Association awarded us with the invention price for a new technique to let objects fly much more natural, which is used for the Flying Mask illusion.

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